Ivy Tech Farewell/Congratulations Reception

20160818_171758We have enjoyed providing refreshments for the Ivy Tech Trustees Meetings so being able to provide hors d’oeuvres for an Ivy Tech reception was a pleasure.

The Menu:

Assorted Cheese Basket

Fruit Display with Cream Cheese Dip


Chestnut Rumaki

Cocktail Meatballs with BBQ Sauce




Mini Cupcakes with our Signature Buttercream Icing –

Sour Cream White, Chocolatetown Special, Lemon, and Gluten-Free Chocolate

Holiday Punch



The guest of honor was the Chancellor who has taken a new position and we wish him well!

Thank you, Ivy Tech, for having us!


Holiday Punch

The guest of honor was the Chancellor who has taken a new position and we wish him well!

Thank you, Ivy Tech, for having us!


Christmas in July

So far this summer, our Farmers’ Market Breakfast offerings have included French Toast Custard, BLT Egg Bake and last week, Maple Toast and Egg Cups (slices of bread spread with melted butter and pure maple syrup, chopped bacon in the bottom then an egg cracked over the bacon and baked til “just right”).

We also serve a featured jumbo muffin each week; last week was White Chocolate Macadamia Nut. We like to include Fruit Cups and breakfast would not be complete without COFFEE and Orange Juice.

Of course, Fechers’ Panache is known for their Sweet Treats and bring a selection of our homemade goodies such as cookies (Snickerdoodles being the favorite, so far), cake pops,  brownies and cupcakes. We typically bring along at least one flavor of our Classic Cupcakes but we also enjoy delighting folks with our Gourmet Flavors such as last week’s Chocolate Maple Bacon.


Our weekends typically coincide with cake orders and/or catering events. If you need to place an order for the weekend, you can plan on pick-up being at the Richmond Farmers Market. One order from last week for a Dr. Seuss-themed baby shower was a colorful assortment of Chocolatetown Special, Sour Cream White and Strawberry Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing.

20160708_212120 20160708_212129 20160708_213751

Another regular occurrence at our booth: our family. Panache means “style or flair” and our style is family-style. We celebrate together and work together and even our youngest enjoys being a part of the experience. We have a flair for the party and the Farmers Market is a weekly party in Richmond celebrating the hard work and talents of some of Richmond’s nicest people! We really have enjoyed meeting so many lovely people. Come out and join the fun across from the Richmond Civic Theatre on the corner of N. 10th St. and Main from 8am – 12pm.

Here is where the Christmas comes in. THIS WEEK’S MENU:

  • Christmas Breakfast Casserole (served at our family’s Christmas brunch)20160709_103907
  • Butterscotch-Pecan Jumbo Muffin
  • Yogurt, Granola & Fruit Cups
  • Coffee
  • Orange Juice
  • Homemade Lemonade
  • Soft Drinks
  • Bottled Water
  • Classic Cupcakes
  • Gourmet Cupcake of the week: Coconut Pecan
  • Brownies
  • Cookies: Snickerdoodles, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter
  • GLUTEN-FREE Chocolate Cupcakes

See you Saturday!!


Cake Decorating Workshop!


Fechers’ Panache will be presenting “Cake Skills 101” hosted by Eat Cheap! with Trista Hill. The workshop will be held at

The New Testament Church of Christ

752 W Main St,  Hagerstown, IN 47346

on Thursday, April 21,7pm.

All are welcome to come. RSVPs are helpful, but not required. (You can RSVP HERE).There is no class fee, but a freewill offering will be taken. We will be covering basics of icing a cake, piping borders and writing and will include baking tips. We hope to see you there!1-101_0845


Welcome to the Jungle, Baby!

Our little family business a team effort whether it’s catering for 200, cleaning the kitchen after the big job, or creating an edible centerpiece for a baby shower like this one. This mama couldn’t be prouder of the mad decorating skills her young padawans have acquired. Autumn did the majority of the fondant work on this one (big brother wanted to make the zebra). I did the baking with an assist from Isabelle, iced, assembled and decorated. Autumn and Elijah get the pat on the back for the cuteness factor. This turned out adorable!


Celebrating with Flavor, Serving with Style,

Michelle for the Fechers

It’s my Potter, I can fly if I want to…



Olivia wanted to celebrate her 10th  birthday Harry Potter style! When we arrived to deliver her cake, her mom and helpers had decorated from the front door to the back, activitities and treats were on the ready and lunch was being prepared. It was obvious some magical fun was about to be had!


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