Richmond Farmers Market

20160702_082745It has already been a whirlwind summer and it’s only July! I thought I’d catch my breath and share what we’ve been up to with the Richmond Farmers Market. In the past as I drove to our shop, I would travel by┬áthe Farmers Market and wonder what compels these crazy people to get up so early on a Saturday morning. We have joined the throng of crazy Marketers and shoppers and discovered a Richmond treasure that I regret we’ve been missing out on. Last November, we provided “sustenance” for the vendors and attendees of the Autumn Artisans Bazaar (hors d’ouvres, breakfast and lunch). It was there that some of the vendors suggested (a couple almost begged) that we become a part of the Saturday morning party and bring them coffee and breakfast. And, so, that is what we started doing in May. Last week was the All-American Farmers Market, a July 4th Celebration. It was there that we introduced our “Jazz City Burger.” No, not New Orleans. Richmond. Richmond is the birthplace of recorded jazz so we felt it fitting when we created this burger that’s made with beef and “all that jazz” to name it after our home.


Bacon, provolone, sauteed peppers, onions and garlic sandwiched between two patties of “doctored” beef with sauce, tomato and lettuce…yes, we will serve this again. In the meantime, stop by between 8am and Noon and visit the booth of our family business and grab breakfast (this Saturday is Maple Toast & Egg Bowl, White Chocolate Macadamia Muffins, coffee, juice and sweet treats) then shop to your heart’s delight!




Click HERE to see what vendors will be selling their wares each Saturday and, just starting in July, Tuesday from 3pm-6pm.










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25 Years of Cake Decorating Contest!

This is way overdue. The Fechers’ Panache Team share amazing adventures as we create edible works of art, deliver delectable buffets, play in the kitchen, develop and tweak recipes while serving some of the most amazing and friendly people! It stands to reason we should be sharing our “scrapbook” of delicious adventures.

SO, our first post is to celebrate Michelle’s 25 years of Cake Decorating and you are invited to enter our contest to win a $25 gift certificate good toward a custom cake. The winner will be announced next. Other offers will pop up in your feed this week so make sure you follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!

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